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I cannot link apps with my partner.
Tap on [Tools] from the menu at the bottom of the app screen, and tap [Connect apps]. After entering your partner's invitation code in the invitation code input field, tap the [Connect] button. (You can connect the apps as long as one party enters the invitation code)
I am not receiving push notifications.
If you are not receiving push notifications, please check if your device settings allow push notifications from Konotoki. After confirming that push notifications are enabled, tap [Tools] from the menu at the bottom of the app and tap [Notification settings] to set notification settings for each item you want to receive notifications for.
I forgot my passcode of the app.
・When you store your restoration code
Please prepare at hand the restoration code of KONOTOKI you used.
Delete KONOTOKI from your device and install it again.
Launch the app and tap【Restore and start】after reading the initial explanation.
As an input field will appear, input your restoration code in it and tap【Restore data】button.
Then, the app will be restored for use with the passcode function in the state of OFF.
To use a passcode, please do the setting again.

・When you don’t know your restoration code
Please contact us using the form below.
I sent an inquiry but have had no reply.
When contacting us from the inquiry form, you will receive our automatic reply.
If you have not received our automatic reply, please confirm the following possibilities.

1. There is a mistake in the email address you input.
Please confirm the email address and contact us again.

2. Our reply mail is in your junk mail folder.
Please check whether our reply mail is in your junk mail folder, as it is sometimes classified as a junk mail.

3. You can't receive the email because of taking measures to prevent junk mails.
When you are taking measures to prevent junk mails, please set to permit mail reception for the domain of “”

4. Your mailbox is full.
Please confirm your mailbox capacity.
When your mailbox is full, please free up space on the mailbox such as by deleting unnecessary emails and then contact us again.

Inquiry about the application

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